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Press Release

HARRISBURG, PA (December 3, 2001) - The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) announced today that a traffic survey to document current travel patterns on PA Route 23 and the surrounding area is slated for early to mid-December for the PA Route 23 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Members of PENNDOT's consultant team will be conducting the one-day traffic study, an origin-destination survey, between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Three separate survey locations will be established, and motorists traveling through the survey stations will be given a postage-paid postcard to be completed and returned to PENNDOT. The postcard will contain questions regarding the starting point and planned destination of their trip.

"The data we collect will provide valuable insight about the use of the roads within the study area as well as the travel characteristics of those who use the roads," explained PENNDOT Project Manager Mark Malhenzie. "We understand that surveys of this type are somewhat inconvenient for motorists, but this information is an important part of the PA Route 23 project development process. We urge motorists to be patient and cooperative."

PENNDOT's consultant team performing the survey will have identification so motorists so will know the representatives are associated with the PA Route 23 EIS. Survey stations will also be designated with advance signage and orange cones

The EIS project involves possible improvements to approximately 14 miles of the PA Route 23 corridor spanning from the PA Route 23/Route 30 interchange to just east of Route 322. The corridor includes Earl Township, East Earl Township, and East Lampeter Township, Manheim Township, Upper Leacock Township, West Earl Township and New Holland Borough in Lancaster, County.

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