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Widening Alternative, Option 2 (Continuous shoulders)
Before and After Renderings
Option 2


Widening Alternative, Option 2 (Continuous shoulders)

Dismissed - June 2003

This alternative includes a center turn lane and wider shoulders on PA 23 from US 30 to US 322. The TSM/Transit improvements are also included in this alternative.


  • No improvement in operational efficiency and future mobility (similar to TSM and No-Build)
  • Widens shoulders throughout corridor to reduce conflicts with non-motorized traffic
  • Center turn lane throughout corridor reduces conflicts

Preliminary Environmental Impacts:

  • Minor impacts to productive agricultural land (frontage takes)
  • Highest number of residential (~90) and business (~45) building impacts
  • Frontage takes from historic properties (~45 resources affected; highest number of
    buildings demolished >70), and Leola Community Park

Stakeholder Input:

  • Low public support based on August 2002 Public Meeting survey results