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Transportation System Management (TSM)/Transit Alternative

Transportation System Management (TSM)/Transit Alternative

Dismissed - June 2003

The TSM Alternative consists of spot improvements at select areas identified during the preliminary studies. These improvements focus on adding wider shoulders and sidewalks along portions of PA 23, selected intersection improvements, and the addition of wider shoulders on selected side roads. The transit component includes increasing bus frequency and providing additional bus shelters.


  • No improvement in operational efficiency and future mobility
  • Eight intersection improvements to address capacity/safety issues
  • Widens shoulders in spot locations to address non-motorized safety issues
  • Components included as part of other build alternatives

Preliminary Environmental Impacts:

  • Minor impacts to productive agricultural land (frontage takes), residences (<5) and
    businesses (<5), ~40 historic properties, and Leola Community Park

Stakeholder Input:

  • Low public support based on August 2002 Public Meeting survey results