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Widening Alternative

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US 322 Leola Geist Kinzer Shirk Groffdale

Widening Alternative - Option 1 ( Without shoulders in Leola, New Holland, and Blue Ball)

Evaluation of the Widening Alternative, Option 1 based on:

Transportation Issues

  • No improvement in operational efficiency and future mobility (similar to TSM and No-Build)
  • Widens shoulders in portions of the corridor to reduce conflicts with nonmotorized traffic
  • Center turn lane throughout corridor reduces conflicts
  • Travel into and out of the study area would continue to be served by the existing congested PA 23 corridor

Preliminary Environmental Impacts

  • Minor impacts to productive agricultural land (frontage takes)
  • Moderate impacts to residential and business buildings
  • Greatest impact to historic districts and historic properties
  • Impact to Leola Community Park
  • Design shifts and CSS concepts evaluated to avoid or minimize impacts

Land Use Considerations

  • Population and employment growth, and development will continue
  • Direct impacts will be experienced by the residents and businesses along PA 23
  • There will be a loss of on-street parking on PA 23
  • Growth management strategies must encourage and regulate appropriate development within growth areas and discourage inappropriate development outside the growth areas

Stakeholder Input

  • Low public support based on August 2002 Public Meeting survey results
  • Addresses concern of some to maximize existing corridor