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Southern Alternative

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Southern Alternative

Evaluation of the Southern Alternative based on:

Transportation Issues

  • Improves operational efficiency throughout the corridor - traffic volume reductions of 20 - 25% overall on PA 23 and 20 - 30% on side roads where the public has concern with 2 (two) access points; additional access points draw additional traffic off of PA 23
  • Shifts traffic to new access-controlled roadway throughout corridor
  • Provides new roadway through corridor
  • Evaluated additional access points to serve local traffic

Preliminary Environmental Impacts

  • Highest acreage of productive agricultural land affected
  • Moderate impacts to residential and business buildings
  • Comparatively lowest impacts to individual historic properties; however, the highest amount of contributing acreage acquired from historic districts
  • Design shifts and CSS concepts evaluated to avoid or minimize impacts

Land Use Considerations

  • Population and employment growth, and development will continue
  • Fewest residential and business splacements compared with the other Build Alternatives
  • Interchange areas could experience development pressure
  • Focus of development could shift from existing PA 23 out to the new transportation corridor, and area between existing PA 23 and the Southern Alternative could experience development pressure
  • Growth management strategies must encourage and regulate appropriate development within growth areas and discourage inappropriate development outside the growth areas.

Stakeholder Input

  • High public support based on August 2002 Public Meeting survey results
  • Concerns voiced regarding impacts to residential areas and farmland