PA 23 EIS PA Route 23 EIS
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No Build Alternative


The No-Build Alternative maintains the existing transportation system and includes highway and transit projects presently in Lancaster County's Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).

Evaluation of the No-Build Alternative based on:

Transportation Issues

  • Intersections/roadway segments with high crash rates not improved
  • Current congestion and poor levels of service remain on PA 23
  • Travel into and out of the study area would continue to be served by the existing
    congested PA 23 corridor
  • Increase in potential conflicts between motorized and non-motorized vehicles as
    traffic volume increases

Preliminary Environmental Impacts

  • No impact to historic districts or properties
  • No direct impact to farmlands
  • Scenic agricultural and village areas unaffected

Land Use Considerations

  • Population and employment growth, and development will continue even absent transportation improvements
  • Access management and access control along existing PA 23 will need to be addressed
  • Growth management strategies must encourage and regulate appropriate development within growth areas and discourage inappropriate development outside the growth areas