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The Eastern Lancaster County Land Use Study (ELCLUS) has been underway since the beginning of 2002. The purpose of the study is to develop a vision and strategies to guide future land use in the eastern portion of the County between US 222 and PA 340. The PA 23 EIS study and the ELCLUS both began as the PA23 Corridor Study. The EIS is now evaluating transportation alternatives and associated land use strategies for the EIS study corridor that extends approximately one mile north and south of existing PA 23 from US 30 to just east of US 322. The ELCLUS is developing land use strategies for the area outside the EIS study area but falling within the earlier PA 23 Corridor Study. This area includes all or parts of 14 municipalities.

The ELCLUS team has been working with local municipalities and other stakeholders to evaluate existing land use conditions and development trends in the area. They are currently developing a land use plan that incorporates tools that municipalities can use to manage future land use and address other transportation corridors of concern in the ELCLUS study area. The PA 23 EIS team and the ELCLUS team are coordinating their work so that the final result is a land use planning effort that supports municipalities vision of the future, land use goals, and is consistent with the county comprehensive plan.

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