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Land Use Visioning Conferences

Land Use Visioning Conference II

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation together with the PA 23 EIS Project Team held the second Land Use Visioning Conference on June 19 & 20, 2003. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss potential future land use patterns linked to the remaining PA 23 EIS study transportation alternatives, and to consider planning strategies that would help maintain the quality of life for these communities.

Lancaster County forecasts of population and employment growth show that the municipalities in the study area will continue to grow. These communities can expect increased development pressure regardless of whether a transportation improvement is constructed. Municipal officials, community advisory committee members and representatives from state and federal regulatory agencies were invited to the Visioning Conference to review the latest land use studies and to provide the EIS study team with their perspectives about how to manage the future growth forecast for the study area.

Local land use decisions are ultimately the responsibility of municipal officials and the communities they serve. However, the EIS study provides a great opportunity to discuss how future development might change study area communities and explore strategies to manage future growth in the PA 23 EIS study area. Conference participants were asked to provide feedback and recommendations about what future development patterns are more or less acceptable, and what strategies need to be put in place to manage future growth. These recommendations will be considered as the study team refines the land use scenarios.

For more information about the results of the Second Land Use Visioning Conference, click on the Land Use Visioning Conference II Meeting Minutes, June 19th-20th, 2003.

Land Use Visioning Conference I

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation together with the PA 23 EIS Project Team held the first of a series of Land Use Visioning Conferences on May 23rd and May 28th, 2002. The conference was attended by municipal and county officials, Community Advisory Committee Members, and representatives from the state and federal resource agencies. The purpose of the conference was to review past and current land use practices based on the existing County and municipality comprehensive plans and zoning ordinances.

Visioning conference participants reviewed population data for Lancaster County from 1980 through 2002; recent development activities from 1994 through 2002; and projected population and employment information for the year 2000 through 2030. Additional data that was reviewed included details on agricultural soils and easements, historic resources, sewer and water service areas, urban and village growth areas, employment centers, patterns of accessibility, and the local road network and functional classifications. Information on growth projections ranged from 2002 to 2030.

This information generated from the conference is being used to generate preliminary land use strategies to be used in conjunction with the transportation alternatives currently being studied. These strategies will be presented and analyzed at the second Land Use Visioning Conference to be held in June 2003.

For more information about the results of the First Land Use Visioning Conference, click on the Visioning Conference Meeting Minutes, May 23rd and May 28th, 2002. Please check back later for the results of the Second Visioning Conference.

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