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Public Meetings — Archive

(Last updated June 9, 2003)

Public Meeting #1

On Tuesday, August 27, and Wednesday, August 28, 2002, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in partnership with the County of Lancaster, held a public meeting display for the PA Route 23 Environmental Impact Statement study. The meetings were held at Calvary Church, in Manheim Township and Garden Spot High School New Holland, respectively. The meetings were conducted to provide the public with an opportunity to view the PA 23 alternatives, to discuss project details, and to solicit input on the preliminary alternatives presented. The meetings were very well attended with a total attendance of 867.

The attendees were asked to complete a survey on key issues regarding the project. In particular, the survey asked the participants the effectiveness of each of the project alternatives, the use of the project web site, and the effectiveness of the project informational materials and staff at the public meetings.

Participants were asked to rate the alignments by indicating if they felt the alignment was “Very Effective”, “Effective”, “Somewhat Effective”, and “Not Effective” at addressing the transportation demands while balancing environmental and land use issues. Please click here for charts illustrating the public’s views on the alternatives.

An informational project video was shown during the public meetings and was made available to the general public for viewing. Please click here for the list of the libraries that have copies of the video available for lending.

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