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List of Acronyms

AADT      Average Annual Daily Traffic

ACM      Agency Coordination Meeting

ALCAB   Agricultural Land Condemnation Approval Board

ALPP     Agricultural Land Preservation Policy

ASA       Agricultural Security Area

CAC      Community Advisory Committee

CEQ      Council on Environmental Quality

CWF     Cold Water Fishes

DCNR    Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

DEP      Department of Environmental Protection

EIS       Environmental Impact Statement

EO        Executive Order

EV         Exceptional Value Waters

FHWA    Federal Highway Administration

FPPA     Farmland Protection Policy Act

FTA     Federal Transit Administration

GIS       Geographical Information System

HEP       Habitat Evaluation Procedures

HQ        High Quality Waters

ISTEA        Intermodal Surface and Transportation Efficiency Act

LCPC    Lancaster County Planning Commission

LOS      Level of Service

MIS      Major Investment Study

MOA     Memorandum of Agreement

MPO     Metropolitan Planning Organization

NEPA    National Environmental Policy Act

NRCS    National Resources Conservation Service

NRHP    National Register of Historic Places

PENNDOT      Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

PFBC     Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission

PGC       Pennsylvania Game Commission

PHMC    Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

RMS       Roadway Management System

ROD       Record of Decision

S.R.       State Route

TAZ       Traffic Analysis Zone

TIP       Transportation Improvement Program

TSD       Technical Support Data

TSM       Transportation System Management

USACOE    United States Army Corps of Engineers

USDA       United States Department of Agriculture

USDOT   United States Department of Transportation

USEPA   United States Environmental Protection Agency

USFWS   United States Fish and Wildlife Service

USGS      United States Geological Society

UGB       Urban Growth Boundary

VGB        Village Growth Boundary


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